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Glasgow Through the Seasons: Which is Your Favourite?

University of Glasgow from Kelvingrove Park

Before I visited Glasgow for the first time, Edinburgh was one of the most beautiful places in the world to me; from the contrasting architecture to the seemingly random crags displaced in and around its borders. It didn’t take me long, however, to find a new Scottish favourite.

While I’m as liable as ever to have moments of lust for the official Scottish capital, Glasgow is one of those places that surprises everyone who visits it with its beauty. Boasting over 90 parks and gardens within the city’s boundaries and buildings designed by some of the UK’s most respected, its name even means ‘Dear Green Place‘ in Gaelic (one for the fact fans). However to me that doesn’t do it justice.

From the reds of a summer sunset to the pure white of a winter snowstorm, it’s a city of more colours than just Green and each season brings a new and exciting shade for your paintbox palette.

Here’s my version of Glasgow through the seasons to show why it’s beautiful all year round. Which is your favourite?


The golden brown leaves, vibrant red hues and glowing yellows of autumn in Glasgow make it a new favourite season of mine. Head down to any one of Glasgow’s 90 parks and gardens to see the colours in flow and you’ll probably feel the same. One of my locals, Kelvingrove Park, looks incredible during September, October and November – especially looking West toward the University of Glasgow.

University of Glasgow from Kelvingrove Park

Glasgow University in Autumn


Will it snow? Won’t it snow? As much as I’d love to say this shot was taken on a blizzardy Christmas morning, it was actually mid-January (when I was wrapped up inside with an awful cold). We’re not guaranteed the white stuff (as such), but it is just a little more likely than South of the border and, when it does snow, well…I’ll let you decide for yourself whether the red tenements of the city wear a shade of cream well.

Glasgow in the winter snow picture


If Glasgow’s parks and surrounding fields are what gives it the title of a dear green place, the Clyde should surely add a vibrant shade of blue to that. In Spring, the weather sways between the hottest and coldest day of the year (normally within in a 24 hour period) but it can give some of the clearest days meaning blue skies and a surprisingly blue Clyde. I love a stroll along the riverbank on a spring afternoon to make the most of the reflections and abundance of colours on show.

BBC Centre in Spring

The Blues of Spring

While it might look beautiful in the snow, winter days are short and can be a little brutal. Spring evenings are an incredible novelty as the pitch black of night exchanges itself for a golden hue of early evening. That alone is an excuse for a walk down to the Riverside Museum to make the most of sunsets after 4pm…

Glasgow Riverside Museum at Spring

The Riverside Museum during a Spring Sunset


The most amazing thing about a Glaswegian summer (in my eyes at least) is how the hot days seemingly take everybody surprise…and boy do we make the most of them. There’s a buzz every warm lunchtime at George Square (if you can manage to grab the last remaining spot on the grass, that is) and you’re likely to see every single outside bar or restaurant filled to the brim – regardless of what you’re meant to be doing.

Scotland doesn’t do summer. But if it did, they’d probably be the best summers in the world.

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What’s more, while the days are short and brutal during the winter months, the sun practically never sets in the summer meaning long, hazy, warm days and incredible shades of reds. If that isn’t an excuse to head to a rooftop bar, I don’t know what is.

Glasgow from the Carlton George Hotel

Glasgow during a warm summer evening – 27 degrees at 7:30pm

When do you think Glasgow is at its most beautiful? Want to see more shots? Let me know on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. 

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    Lovely photos…makes me quite homesick.

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