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Essex by birth, Scottish by address. 

Finding Scotland - About Me

Muddy (well, peaty) in Glencoe after falling down three separate holes!

I’m Melissa – a Southend-on-Sea born writer and marketing/branding professional who’s made a move to Scotland in a bid for Scotch, shortbread and sun…less days. I moved to Glasgow in 2015 (having only visited the city for five days a month or two before) from London and haven’t looked back…except maybe when the South’s got a heatwave and we’re stuck with rain.

Finding Scotland came to be in mid-2016 after I began to get into amateur photography as a hobby and needed a way to separate the beauty of the country from my copious snaps of prosecco on Instagram. It’s swiftly grown to become my hobby, friend-in-times-of-need, and occasional obsession. I love nothing more than packing my bag and discovering new places to visit in bonnie Scotland (well, except of course, getting the opportunity to share them with everyone else afterwards).

From the best places to rest your head at night to the most incredible places to see during waking hours, Finding Scotland is my feeble attempt to offer as many tips (and photos) as I can of this lovely country, regardless of whether you’re planning a trip or watching from afar. From the dynamic cities of Edinburgh, Glasgow and Inverness, to hidden retreats off the beaten B road – no hill is too high to climb (providing I’ve got some tablet on me) and no museum is too crammed for me to document and give my advice.

Got something you think I’d like? I’d love to hear from you so please get in contact – whether it’s a place you think I might enjoy or a piece of news you think I’d like to cover. I’m always eager to hear from any Scottish businesses, sights or general enthusiasts to offer my tips (or humbly accept yours). Likewise, feel free to say hello on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.



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