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5 Things I Want to do in Glasgow This Summer

In case you haven’t guessed from my numerous references basically everywhere (and the word finding all over my Instagram), I’m not originally from round these parts. Ever since I moved to Scotland’s biggest (and in my eyes bonniest) city nearly a YEAR ago (that is terrifying), I’ve made it my mission to uncover as much of Scotland’s diverse offering as I can; grabbing any opportunity to jump in the car with my partner to scale mountains, try whisky, sail boats or generally just drive as far as various A-roads will take us. Glasgow’s been no exception to this but, with such an incredible country to explore, I feel I’ve neglected the city I love to call my home and have made it my mission to make the most of it this summer through events, museums, eateries and more.

Here’s 5 things I really want to do in the city considering events, restaurants, culture, walks and general daytime activities. Got any recommendations? Please let me know on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

Event: The Color Run Glasgow

Ok, this one is just a BIT annoying as I’m now not due to be in the city when it’s taking place, but The Color Run is coming to Glasgow for the first time on July 17 and it looks absolutely incredible. I hasten to add the picture below (and at the top) is NOT my own, but I don’t think anything else will show just how fun it looks!

The Color Run Glasgow

Image courtesy of The Color Run

Dubbed as ‘the Happiest 5k on the Planet’ and despite 2016 being its first time in Glasgow, the event is in its fifth year worldwide (starting originally in the U.S. and branching out further over the last few years). I’ve recently got into fitness (or at least making the most of my gym membership by going once/twice a day) and really want something to practise all my hard labour on. I’m gutted it won’t be the happiest 5k (and perhaps even more sad I won’t have the opportunity to take photos during the day),  but if you are around on 17th July, tickets are available here. Please let me know how it is if you do make it as I’m already planning for 2017!

Food and Drink: Brewery Tour

I love beer. Admittedly not as much as prosecco, but I do love beer. While you might not know it from my page yet (owing to the huge number of gravestone posts I’ve yet to publish in my drafts), I’m a huge fan of whisky distillery tours and have done tons all over the country. I haven’t, however, done the same for beer. In Glasgow, we’re lucky enough to have some of the best craft and well-known beer houses on our doorstep – with everything from WEST in Glasgow Green, to Tennent’s along Duke Street and Drygate along…suprise, surpise Drygate (the three combined make for a very perfect triangle on Google Maps).

While I’m an expert on everything from the three key ingredients in every single malt to what, exactly, the angel’s share is, I’m clueless when it comes to beer. This is something I’ve resolved to change in 2016 – watch this space for FindingBeer…that is I don’t drink too much and forget everything I learn.

Culture: Science Centre and Tower

I first came to Glasgow in May last year (2015) for a week to get to know the city and the one thing I was insistent I did was the Science Centre’s futuristic-looking tower. I didn’t manage to do it during the week and I still haven’t done it.

There’s something about being above a city (The Lighthouse is one of my favourite city-centre haunts for exactly that reason)

Walk: Ben Lomond

Considering the amount of photos I’ve taken of Ben Lomond (one of the most recent below) from road, boat, shores and afar, and I’ve never actually scaled it. While I’m not around to test my new fitness skills for The Color Run, I’m hoping to make up for it by climbing one of Scotland’s gentlest Munros (or so I’ve heard) when I return.

Ben Lomond

Image: FindingScotland. Please ask before reusing

At 3195.54 feet high (three times taller than The Shard) the word ‘gentle’ seems a tad optimistic for me, but with the base just over 40 minutes drive from my residence in sunnae Glasgae, I’ve got the luxury of saving it for a clear and sunny day to make sure the photos from the top are worth it…judging by the Glaswegian ‘summer’ for the past two weeks, I at least might have until next year to get fit enough for the task.

Special Occasion: Ubiquitous Chip

Ashton Lane. If you’ve been to Glasgow, you’ve probably heard those words. If you haven’t, you will do shortly after arriving. A picturesque cobbled street located close to public transport in the centre of the West End, it’s famed for quaint bars and eateries, as well as a cinema with sofas for seats and a vast array of alcohol on sale.

Aptly named considering its ability to be on the lips of every single Glasgow foodie when asked for restaurant recommendations, Ubiquitous Chip is one of the best-known restaurants along the lane – with an interior that looks as good as the food sounds. If not for a few photos, I can’t wait to help make its name even more omnipotent for visitors to the local area in the next few months. Watch this space for my thoughts…

What do you think I should try this summer? Let me know and I’d love to try it out! 

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