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May 2017

Finding Scotland

City Days Out Pass: A Different Way to Find Scotland

In case you haven’t guessed, I’m a bit of a fan of travelling around my bonnie country; whenever I have a spare minute I love nothing more than jumping in the car armed with a camera, tripod and old pair of jeans (I’ve ruined more than I quite dare admit) to explore. But there’s just one teeny-tiny issue that sometimes gets in the way of my grand plans; the fact I don’t yet have a licence to drive (I’m working on it, promise).

It’s a decision that’s led to many a weekend sulk at home when I’m unable to visit far off places; trading sunsets and adventure for Saturday night TV and last night’s dinner. Being reliant on my oft-weekend working partner and friends to visit places means missing out on some of the best views this country had to offer, or so I thought.

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