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August 2016


Interview: Company Here and Now on Perhaps Hope

Perhaps Hope uses skilled circus performance to explore one of the most pressing issues facing modern society – global warming. Having won the Original New Circus Award in its premiere season at the 2015 Melbourne Fringe Festival, the show (by experienced circus performers Company Here and Now) draws on inspiration from chaos theory and biomimicry to examine the stark reality of climate change and leave viewers with renewed optimism for what humanity can achieve.

I speak to co-founder Vincent van Berkel about the troupe’s inspiration and what we can expect from the rather unusual genre of ‘eco-apocalyptic circus’.
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Pick of the Edinburgh Fringe 2016

If there’s one thing the Edinburgh Fringe has, it’s a LOT of shows. Over 3,000 in fact.

Running from 5th – 29th August, you’d need to sit down for at least 125 shows every single day to see them all. Or, to put it in perspective, queue your way through a total of 5.2 shows every hour (for 24 hours) every single day until its close (and I thought my Netflix binges were bad). 

Don’t fancy crippling exhaustion and utter disappointment at the sheer impossibility of it all? I’ve hunted the online world for some of the gems I’m most looking forward to. Got anything to add? Let me know on Twitter!

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