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July 2016

Finding Scotland

5 Things I Want to do in Glasgow This Summer

In case you haven’t guessed from my numerous references basically everywhere (and the word finding all over my Instagram), I’m not originally from round these parts. Ever since I moved to Scotland’s biggest (and in my eyes bonniest) city nearly a YEAR ago (that is terrifying), I’ve made it my mission to uncover as much of Scotland’s diverse offering as I can; grabbing any opportunity to jump in the car with my partner to scale mountains, try whisky, sail boats or generally just drive as far as various A-roads will take us. Glasgow’s been no exception to this but, with such an incredible country to explore, I feel I’ve neglected the city I love to call my home and have made it my mission to make the most of it this summer through events, museums, eateries and more.

Here’s 5 things I really want to do in the city considering events, restaurants, culture, walks and general daytime activities. Continue Reading